Simply Me

Unica Dominique Cruz

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love how people feel like they have to compete with me seriously your my sister and i dont mean sorority sister my blood shit give it up you dont want to do something and then when i do it you post all about it as if you were the one taking care of her and like you really care you have been annoyed with her and her father why would you make it seem like your so close better yet why do you have to be so fake fuck give it up your fakness is fucking annoying

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i need an escape somewhere i can be alone and just let all my feelings out somewhere i can cry yell laugh no judgements no worries just free to be me and do what i want how i want with no judgement or anyone telling me im not suppose to do that for any odd reason can some place really exists

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i live in a house full of people and yet still feel like i live alone, have a fiance but still feel like i have no one to talk to, im suppose to be happy and excited about my life im getting married school is going great and yet im not happy i feel alone and not sure what to do who to talk to or whats even wrong want to cry and let it all out but i dont know how to express myself its getting to the point where i dont even know how to express that im happy i constantly feel like im being fake and that im not my true self where did i go what happened to me when did i actually stop being myself how long have i been this way…not even sure what i plan to get out of writing all my feelings out i dont want anyone feeling bad for me or trying to come to my rescue that not what i want not even sure what i need or want goodness